[asterisk-users] Voice broken during calls (again...)

Telium Technical Support support at telium.io
Mon Jun 22 10:51:31 CDT 2020

Still lots of detail missing, but....likely causes include:
1.  Egress latency (does your router/firewall support QoS, are you leaving headroom )
2. Ingress latency - does your ITSP support it
3. Router/firewall latency - can it keep up with the traffic and packet size.  Do you have way too many iptables rules in your Debian box?

Between ping and traceroute you can probably get some basic stats.  Some speed test websites even report latency, other sites will should tracert/ping from outside in to you.

How about putting a phone on the DSL/cable modem directly and calling out...same problem?

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Am 22.06.2020 um 17:01 schrieb Telium Technical Support:
> I don't know if there was a prior email with more details, but....
> Latency is as important as speed.  Have you checked latency between your device and pop?  What about QoS at your location, and does your ITSP support/respect QoS?

That's a very good idea...
Could you suggest me how can I check it?
The Gateway is a Linux with Debian 9.

> Could problem be inside your network?  Have you tested/optimized internal?

Really difficult to believe... If I call another VoIP-phone in my network (using the "internal number") the quality is excellent.

If I call my wife using the "external number", the quality is very bad...

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