[asterisk-users] CallerID fail with Voicetrading operator

Administrator admin at tootai.net
Thu Jun 18 12:57:03 CDT 2020


does some people here use https://voicetrading.com which is a Dellmont 
service from Netherlands. At the high begining they were also known as 
Finarea (CH and DE mixed Co)

Anyway, after moving from Asterisk13/chan_sip to Asterisk16/PJSIP our 
callerID is no more seen by them. We use

Set(CALLERID(num)=+331234356789) and Set(CALLERID(name)=Co name) or 
equal to CALLERID(num). We tried replacing + with 00, same problem.

There support said they don't receive any callerID and we know that it's 
not correct as we don't have problem with other providers like 
PeopleFone, Sipgate or French Operators.

If anyone had a clue, a ticket is open on their side but we don't fill 
that they want to react.


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