[asterisk-users] Mail2Fax

basti mailinglist at unix-solution.de
Wed Jun 17 11:10:20 CDT 2020


i try to use mail2fax with asterisk.
all i have found is old stuff like

- https://sourceforge.net/projects/asterfax/files/production/NoojeeFax or
- https://github.com/siddolo/sidfax

so I try sidfax (aka email2fax).

Now asterisk show in sip debug mode the following error.

[17-06-2020 18:06:11] WARNING[6269]: pbx.c:7487 pbx_outgoing_exec: No
such application 'txfax'
[17-06-2020 18:06:11] NOTICE[6268]: pbx_spool.c:426 attempt_thread: Call
completed to SIP/.../...

txfax seem to be a port of spandsp. it is also old.

Is there a newer way to send fax via asterisk.

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