[asterisk-users] Send message to AMI from dialplan

Telium Technical Support support at telium.io
Fri Jun 12 09:26:45 CDT 2020

Is it possible to simply send a message to appear as an AMI message/event,
from the dialplan?  For example


exten =>123,1,ami(myEvent, param1, param2)


and in the AMI a message appears like:


Event: myEvent

Privilege: call,all

Channel: PJSIP/misspiggy-00000001

Uniqueid: 1368479157.3

ChannelState: 3

ChannelStateDesc: Up

CallerIDNum: 657-5309

CallerIDName: Miss Piggy



AccountCode: Pork

Priority: 1

Exten: 123

Context: inbound

Parameter1: param1

Parameter2: param2



I'm thinking about ways that I can send messages from the dialplan to my own
application which listens to AMI events.





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