[asterisk-users] x-ast-orig-host - How is this IP taken ?

Administrator admin at tootai.net
Wed Jun 10 16:24:59 CDT 2020

Hi list,

We have a strange behavior: a customer Snom300 behind a public FW has 
contact like

contact              : 
sip:user at x.y.39.147:2048;x-ast-orig-host=

The phone can place calls but not receive any. Also, qualify give 
unreachable which seems correct when looking the x-ast-orig-host IP. 
Problem is that the local IP of this phone is

Question: how asterisk sets this IP ? It looks for us like a FW issue as 
we have other customers with approaching local network organisation and 
which are not facing this problem.

Thanks for any hint.


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