[asterisk-users] CDR mysql: timeout when remote database unavailable

Fourhundred Thecat 400thecat at gmx.ch
Wed Jun 10 09:23:30 CDT 2020

> On 2020-06-08 16:37, Sean Bright wrote:
> In the case of cdr_mysql, the connect timeout is configurable by putting
> the following in cdr_mysql.conf:
> [global]
> timeout = 5 ; Set connect timeout to 5 seconds

OK, so i changed the timeout to 2 sec, but it does not have the desired
effect. I expected, if mysql cannot be reached, after 2 seconds the call
will progress normally.

Instead, the call still terminates if mysql cannot be reached.

Is it possible to set in asterisk, if mysql is unreachable then skip the
step and simply ignore mysql logging ?

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