[asterisk-users] asterisk hints can be in multiple states; most sip NOTIFY dialogs only send one state

John Hughes john at calva.com
Wed Jun 10 08:26:41 CDT 2020

Asterisk can know that one of the attached phones is both "ringing" and 
"on the phone".

However the sip NOTIFY it sends out to interested parties can only 
communicate one state, for example with pidf+xml it can either send 
"Ringing" or "On the phone" and so it sends "Ringing".

This makes the "busy lights" less than useful, if a call makes multiple 
phones ring you can't tell, looking at the busy lights, which ones are 
busy, and so less likely to answer.

In the chan_sip configuration there is an option "notifyringing":


    *notifyringing* enables or disables notifications for the RINGING
    state when an extension is already INUSE. Only affects subscriptions
    using the *dialog-info* event package. Option can be configured in
    the general section only. It cannot be set per-peer.

As the doc says this only applies to dialog-info style NOTIFY, not the 
pidf+xml format my phones use.

Here is a patch that makes notifyringing work for pidf+xml.

Generalising it for other formats is left as an exercise for the reader.

Of course chan_sip is obsolete.  How might this be done for chan_pjsip?  
Parts of the code are similar, but the layering is vastly different.  
How could the ast_sip_presence_exten_state_to_str function in 
res/res_pjsip/presence_xml.c get at the pjsip configuration?

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