[asterisk-users] Failed to authenticate device message

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Wed Jul 22 11:06:56 CDT 2020

You didn’t post the Asterisk version, but if this is an OLD asterisk version then the source IP may be missing from messages/logs.


If you have low traffic in general then using something like Wireshark may help you examine any suspicious SIP packet on the PBX.  For higher volumes it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant, so not suitable.


If this is a small PBX, have a look at the SecAst product (https://teium.io/secast).  It’s free for small installations.  It’s an Asterisk security product that monitors network traffic at a the adapter level so it can sniff the source.  It also talks to Asterisk through the AMI so it can get more details of the connection/session that way.  If this is for a larger PBX then you would have to move the discussion to the biz list for more info on SecAst.  (Or email me off list)



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>Did you check your security log?
>There is usually a wealth of info there about who, what, where when and why
I also checked /var/log/asterisk/messages and it just has the same line. Nothing additional.
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