[asterisk-users] Failed to authenticate device message

Administrator admin at tootai.net
Wed Jul 22 08:00:19 CDT 2020

Hi Jerry

Le 22/07/2020 à 14:54, Jerry Geis a écrit :
> I am getting this message:
> Failed to authenticate device <sip:2010 at X.X.X.X>;tag=149853321 for 
> INVITE, code = -1
> but it does not report the "connecting" address. Who is failing 
> connecting ?
> I either need to block someone or fix something - I'm thinking block - 
> but I dont know who.
> How do I found out the connecting IP?
> Jerry

You should get it with recvip

exten = i,1,Verbose(Incoming ANONYMOUS SIP call from ${CALLERID(name)} 
${CALLERID(num)} SRC IP ${CHANNEL(recvip)})


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