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On Mon, 13 Jul 2020 15:44:12 -0400,
Matthew Fredrickson wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 2:34 PM Saint Michael <venefax at gmail.com> wrote:
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> >> There is a big confusion here about Stir Shaken. It is NOT a provider issue. Un fact, all providers are whasing their hands and modifying their swihtches to pass-through the Signature. They cannot sign the call because then the become the responsible party for the call before the FCC, and liable for any illegal call. Every owner of a PBX that sends calls to the network, except if you use a trunk for the likes of Vonage, needs to sign their calls. So if you send calls with any kind of dialer and use DIDs, real or "borrowed", you need to get the signature service urgently or your business will stop terminating calls. You cannot self-sign, you cannot get around it, the calls will either go to straight to voicemail or fail. Even worse, the carries wil play a fake voicemail and charge you a fee, something that some already a are doing when they detect robocallig.
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> > Don't even think about Transnexus, because they use 302 Redirect with a  header, and no version of Asterisk supports it.  I am the only game in the world for Stir-Shaken and Asterisk. I know it sounds arrogant but it is literally true. If you need to sign your calls to get through, with Asterisk, you need to connect to my service. I am an approved Service Provider from the FCC. If you keep thinking this is not happening, it is, and your business will disappear overnight.
> > The issue is that Vicidial, for example, does not provide res_odbc and func_odbc, so you need to solve that first with Vicidial. Then you can apply the code I provided earlier and your calls with have a legal, binding signature. The carriers verify each signature and discard the ones that fail the cryptography test.
> Sounds like you're trying to sell/direct people towards a service that
> you've created.  Feel free to do so on the -biz list but the -users
> list isn't the right place for that sort of thing.

But the question is, are his statements correct that we need some
service -- not necessarily his -- to sign the call before sending it
to our normal carrier, or will the normal carrier -- whoever -- sign
the call if they know the number?

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