[asterisk-users] Stir Shaken is upon us

Michael Maier m1278468 at mailbox.org
Mon Jul 13 13:57:22 CDT 2020

On 13.07.20 at 10:54 Joshua C. Colp wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 12, 2020 at 11:37 PM Michael Maier <m1278468 at mailbox.org> wrote:
>> One more question,
>> what about the pjsip pcap support? Will it be backported to Asterisk 16,
>> too? Would be absolutely cool! Debugging encrypted SIP is really a pain.
> It can't be backported ... because it already is. :D This support is
> actually in the latest releases of 13, 16, and 17.

This is perfectly good news! How often would I have it already needed in the past! Thanks!

Just to be sure:

pjsip set logger pcap <filename> (written to /var/lib/asterisk/)
pjsip set logger on (switches on logging to file and console)
pjsip set logger off (switches off logging to file and console)

Is it possible to log only to the file and not to the console?

>> BTW: what about the (encrypted) RTP packets? Will they be dumped, too?
> Not yet supported but certainly something we'd like to see as well as the
> RTCP, ICE, STUN, TURN, and DTLS packets.

Would be absolutely necessary to debug broken encrypted packets.


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