[asterisk-users] 13.22.0 - HTTP session count exceeded 100 sessions - instance unusable

Stefan Viljoen viljoens at verishare.co.za
Wed Jul 1 07:48:03 CDT 2020

Hi all

I'm running an Asterisk 13.22.0 instance on Centos 7 - I7-8700 12 core HT
with 16GB of RAM.

The server maintains a total active call count of approx 285 calls with 440
channels at any one time. The totals never go below 200 calls concurrently

For the kernel, top reports load levels at around 5.0 to 6.0 constantly.

I'm having issues where at random intervals, the CLI is filled with
thousands of these lines

[Jul  1 14:32:24] WARNING[11530]: http.c:1942 httpd_helper_thread: HTTP
session count exceeded 100 sessions.

This appears to be some form of race condition, the Asterisk instance goes
completely unresponsive, all RTP stops and all calls get hung up the moment
these appear on the CLI. All registered SIP phones then deregister off the
server withing one to two minutes.

At the time this takes place, kernel load spikes to about 9.0 and then falls
off to under 1 while asterisk endlessly outputs the above warning in the
Asterisk CLI.

You can still log into the CLI but no command is executed, you also cannot
get the Asterisk to stop with HUP / kill -1 and I have to kill -9 the
Asterisk PID at the end of the day.

I'm also, just prior the above taking place, getting tens of thousands of
these warnings in the CLI:

[Jul  1 14:30:39] WARNING[16819][C-000004bf]: taskprocessor.c:895
taskprocessor_push: The 'stasis-core-control' task processor queue reached
500 scheduled tasks again.

I'm using AMI at several hundred lines of traffic per second to control the
Asterisk instance, spawn new calls, get queue and agent statuses, etc. -
standard AMI stuff.

Where can I start to look for how to fix this "session count exceeded 100
sessions" error?

Sometimes, it doesn't come up for weeks (loads remain much the same) and
then on one day it will happen four to six times in quick succession, load
broadly the same.

Any ideas?



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