[asterisk-users] From the CLI, how can I hangup a channel name that includes a space character?

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Thu Jan 16 11:57:22 CST 2020

I have a customer who named their endpoint to include a space (example, 1003 a)

>From the CLI, I want to hangup a channel on this endpoint

>From core show channels concise, I see the channel name includes the space
PJSIP/1003 a-00000002

I realize the space is interpreted as an argument separator, so my first attempt below doesn't work.
I have tried the following and all fail.

hangup request PJSIP/1003 a-00000002
hangup request 'PJSIP/1003 a-00000002'
hangup request "PJSIP/1003 a-00000002"
hangup request PJSIP/1003%20a-00000002
hangup request PJSIP/1003&nbspa-00000002

Is there some control character(s) for the CLI to interpret everything in between as a single argument?


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