[asterisk-users] Asterisk16 - PJSIP - Error 401 on outbound registration

C.Maj chris at PenguinPBX.com
Wed Jan 15 12:50:54 CST 2020

On 2020-01-15 11:24, Administrator wrote:


> One of the provider took a pcap and told us that expiration was set to 0
> that's why they don't accept the registration. We took a pcap on our
> side when SIP packet goes out of our server and we see that the
> expiration parameter is setted to 3600 !


Maybe the clipping of your SIP packet is occurring on another provider's
(faulty) node somewhere in between your dualing pcaps at the endpoints ?

As for what you can control, first, you might try reducing the
expiration from 3600 to 999, or maybe something in the 30-60 range is
better for you. If that works, then raise it from there, but I think an
hour is more than enough.

Or, change network paths; by adding new outbound SIP connection to the
provider from alternate port and/or IP on the PBX/firewall, use VPN, etc.


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