[asterisk-users] Improve Wiki's "WebRTC config" page

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 04:42:23 CST 2020


Reading [1], I would be happy to discuss here, the changes bellow.

1. In "Create certificate" section, instead of 'ls -w 1
/etc/asterisk/keys', could a 'ls -l /etc/asterisk/keys' be used ?
This would help to check file permissions.
If possible, having those file permissions shown when Asterisk is run as
asterisk:asterisk would be very helpful.

2. Instead of a generic

could a specific writing be preferred

This would be consistent with the "We'll use the asterisk.crt, asterisk.key
and ca.crt" text, a couple of lines above.

3. If I'm not mistaken, http.conf file refers to two different files. How
exactly can asterisk.crt, asterisk.key and ca.crt be "later used" ?
Should the  "We'll use the asterisk.crt, asterisk.key and ca.crt ..." be
rephrased ?


Thoughts ?

Best regards
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