[asterisk-users] error compiling current git

Joshua C. Colp jcolp at sangoma.com
Thu Feb 27 08:52:46 CST 2020

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 10:51 AM hw <hw at gc-24.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> compiling the current git version on Centos 7 gives me:
>    [CC] res_statsd.c -> res_statsd.o
> res_rtp_asterisk.c:2669:2: error: unknown field ‘on_valid_pair’ specified
> in initializer
>   .on_valid_pair = ast_rtp_on_valid_pair,
>   ^
> res_rtp_asterisk.c:2669:2: warning: initialization from incompatible
> pointer type [enabled by default]
> res_rtp_asterisk.c:2669:2: warning: (near initialization for
> ‘ast_rtp_ice_sess_cb.on_ice_complete’) [enabled by default]
>    [CC] res_format_attr_g729.c -> res_format_attr_g729.o
> Is this to be expected or should I make a bug report?

You should make a bug report[1], including which version of Asterisk (every
version is in git) and whether you are used bundled or unbundled PJSIP.

[1] https://issues.asterisk.org/jira

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