[asterisk-users] [asterisk-dev] Need feedback on the use of AMI events generated by MESSAGE requests

George Joseph gjoseph at digium.com
Fri Feb 7 16:02:12 CST 2020

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 12:34 PM sduthil at wazo.io <sduthil at wazo.io> wrote:

> On 1/29/20 2:31 PM, George Joseph wrote:
> > For those of you who actually process SIP MESSAGE requests...  Do you
> > use any of the AMI events generated by the "Message/ast_msg_queue"
> > channel?   We want to change that channel to an "internal" channel that
> > doesn't generate AMI events (for performance reasons) but we need to
> > know if anyone's using them first.
> >
> > Thanks!
> Hi George,
> could you give us a summary list of the impacted AMI messages? More
> specifically, are there AMI messages explicitly generated by
> Message/ast_msq_queue? Or are we talking about Newchannel, NewExten and
> other messages implicitly sent on the AMI because Message is a channel
> like any other?
> Note: please keep me in CC, I am not subscribed to asterisk-users
> mailing list.

Here's a copy of the commit message which should explain things...

   message.c: Add option to suppress the Message channel AMI and ARI events

    In order to reduce the amount of AMI and ARI events generated,
    the global "Message/ast_msg_queue" channel can be set to suppress
    it's normal channel housekeeping events such as "Newexten",
    "VarSet", etc. This can greatly reduce load on the manager
    and ARI applications when the Digium Phone Module for Asterisk
    is in use.  To enable, set "hide_messaging_ami_events" in
    asterisk.conf to "yes"  In Asterisk versions <18, the default
    is "no" preserving existing behavior.  Beginning with
    Asterisk 18, the option will default to "yes".

    NOTE:  This change does not affect UserEvents or the ARI
    TextMessageReceived events.

    * Added the "hide_messaging_ami_events" option to asterisk.conf.

    * Changed message.c to set the AST_CHAN_TP_INTERNAL property on
      the "Message/ast_msg_queue" channel if the option is set in
      asterisk.conf.  This suppresses the reporting of the events.

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