[asterisk-users] Asterisk 13.31.0 and 16.8.0 - Bridge problem on incoming calls

Administrator admin at tootai.net
Tue Feb 4 12:26:47 CST 2020


we just installed the latest 13 and 16 version of asterisk and face 
problem on incoming calls: they are ended like in Asterisk 16

[2020-02-04 19:19:48] ERROR[3768][C-00000001]: stasis_bridges.c:199 
bridge_topics_init: Bridge id initialization required
[2020-02-04 19:19:48] WARNING[3768][C-00000001]: bridge.c:809 
bridge_base_init: Bridge da3bd3d1-cdea-4a05-8b3d-0ded8c561c5f: Could not 
initialize topics

Asterisk 13

[2020-02-04 19:16:14] ERROR[17133][C-0000002b] stasis_bridges.c: Bridge 
id initialization required
[2020-02-04 19:16:14] WARNING[17133][C-0000002b] bridge.c: Bridge 
0e8746e2-43e4-4c7c-9df8-32d7fe6e3727: Could not initialize topics

Switching back to previous versions and problem disappear


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