[asterisk-users] Troubleshooting load issues

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I assumed the spikes were within the Asterisk process.   If the spikes last long enough use htop and iotop to see if the spikes are outside of your process.


If outside the Asterisk process then there are lots of generic troubleshooting guides.  If within the Asterisk process (and no transcoding) then turn verbose way up and watch for clues on CLI when a spike occurs.



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All the calls are using ulaw. The files that I am playing are gsm. I suppose doing a file convert with sox to .ulaw may help but it should be able to do 500 calls without an issue. Can it possibly be a bug? if not how do I profile which call(s) can be causing the spike? 



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Could some calls be arriving with a different codec?  (Is transcoding causing the spikes)?  Are you limiting codecs to match your audio files?


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I have an Asterisk box which has an IVR that plays random gsm files. The box has SSD's and two CPU E5-2695 v2 cpus with 64GB ram. The Asterisk CPU usage along with the load seems to jump around. With about 500 callers it hovers between 250-400% CPU (so 2.5 to 4 cores) which seems reasonable. Every so often the load average spikes. The idle never drops below 85%. When the load average spikes I see a lot of kworker threads and the CPU usage tends to (not not always) go up as well. How would I go about seeing what in Asterisk is causing the spike? The box is locked down and only takes calls from an OpenSiPS box. There is nothing else running on the box.






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