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    What programming language are you using? If you are using Perl, then I can suggest this.

(1)    You are going to have to profile your scripts. This is a must. Without profiling, you don’t know what the problem is. In my opinion, Devel::NYTProf is the king of that hill. It could be as simple as optimizing a single subroutine. Then you will know exactly what the problem is.  

(2)    See which version of Perl are you running and see if upgrading it solves your problems. The easiest way is to download the newest Perl they support from ActiveState.com. It creates a completely independent installation in /opt which will not interfere with your system Perl. You can also compile and install the newest Perl from source completely separate from your system Perl. That’s what I do. I have a couple of scripts to automate that process. If you first get a list of your installed modules using ‘perlmod’, you can clean up the output a bit and pipe that to cpanm to make sure that you have all the modules you need. 


If you are using PHP, then I’m sure that the above still applies, but PHP is not my area of expertise. 



John V.



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Hi all,


we have just upgraded from Asterisk 11 to Asterisk 16.

After porting all the config to 16 we figured out some major load problems.


the majority running of our Asterisk instances is still having Asterisk 11 so we can compare load handling on both versions.

On the same hardware configuration we see load differences that Asterisk 16 takes four times the load as Asterisk 11 (on 11 we see load 0.5, on 16 we see something around 2).


Our asterisk is only handling Calls, so there are no Subscription no Registration etc.


After some testing we figured out if we eliminate AGI Apps from Dialplan we reduce the load significantly.

At the moment we have 6 AGI calls for one single call. If we eliminate 3 of them we reduce the load by half.

I also tried to have the AGI replaced by some fake AGI which returns immediately to make sure it is not related to long running AGI Scripts but this made no difference.

I tried to tweaked a bit manipulating the thread limitations in stasis.conf but it had no significant effect on load.

Also I tried to "decline" all non AGI messages in stasis.conf. It seems it has very little effect.


Does anyone have similar issues or a solution?

Is there anyone who calls AGI several times during call establishment?


any hin and help would be very much appreciated!


I am happy to share more config and information if it helps to find a solution.




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