[asterisk-users] if statement with true value that contains a colon

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Fri Sep 13 07:21:18 CDT 2019

Le 13/09/2019 à 14:03, Brian J. Murrell a écrit :
> How can I use an IF statement with a true value being a variable that
> has a colon in it?  The colon in the true value variable is being taken
> as the delimiter for the false value.
> The only solution I came up with was some hackery to use STRREPLACE to
> replace the : with a % before the IF statement and then use STRREPLACE
> again after to change the % back to a :.
> i.e.:
>      Set(dialexts=${STRREPLACE(dialexts,:,%)});
>      Set(dialexts=${IFTIME(8:00-22:00?${dialexts}&${MBDR}:${dialexts})});
>      Set(dialexts=${STRREPLACE(dialexts,%,:)});
> Is there no better alternative?

Escape it with \


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