[asterisk-users] Playing MP3's in Asterisk

Dovid Bender dovid at telecurve.com
Sun Sep 1 14:27:59 CDT 2019


Does anyone know what code (if any) format_mp3 uses? I am trying to play a
MP3 (e.g. https://mp3.sermonaudio.com/16kbps/6111963257014/6111963257014.mp3)
using PlayBack. Iget the famous "mp3/interface.c: Junk at the beginning of
frame 49443304" and then right away it exits the PlayBack Application. I
know I can use ffmpeg on the fly. I am currently getting the URL to play
via an API and then I want to play it directly from Asterisk. I would
rather not have to dl every file, convert it and then play it.


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