[asterisk-users] Async AGI seeing a big delay in events on 16.1.1 but not 16.3.0

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Fri Oct 11 12:01:11 CDT 2019

We are using AsyncAGI with AMI.

On a customer box running asterisk 16.1.1, we are seeing times where asterisk logs indicate it's started the agi:async extension.
Event: Newexten
Application: AGI
AppData: agi:async

It's taking 2 or more seconds before we see the
Event: AsyncAGIStart

I have not seen this before.  Looking at boxes we have running inhouse (asterisk 16.3.0), I see this is taking about 7 millisecond.

Anyone have any suggestions on why this may occur?

Any chance what we are seeing on 16.1.1 but not 16.3.0 is because of Joshua's fix for 16.3.0?

2019-03-25 06:34 +0000 [4d8cd2efbe]  Joshua Colp <jcolp at digium.com>

        * manager: Use separate lock for session event notification.

          When notifying a manager session that new events were available
          the same lock was used that was also held when doing things within
          the session (such as sending events out). If the manager session
          blocked for a period of time this would cause a back up of messages
          in Stasis and would also block any other sessions from receiving

          This change adds a separate lock to the manager session which is
          strictly used for notifying it that new events are available.


          Change-Id: Ifbcac007faca9ad0231640f5e82a6ca9228f261b

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