[asterisk-users] bug in pjsip trust_id_outpound?

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Mon Nov 25 07:36:11 CST 2019

Hi Team

I'm still struggling to get privacy settings passed on correctly.

The Asterisk is sitting between customers and IC trunks.

On the customer face, of course I have those settings:


This ensures that presentation is set to probibited, if the customer is
setting Privacy: ID.
It also ensures that the From: header is set to anonymous, hiding the
callerID if the caller requested presentations prohib.

So far, towards the customer side, this works as expected.

Towards the IC, we need to correctly populate the Request, From,
P-Asserted Identity and Privacy header. Sending From: anonymous is not

So I set:


Unfortunately I have to set inbound trust to no, to make sure the
Asterisk takes callerID from the From: header and NOT from the
P-Asserted Identity Header.

I then call pull the Privacy: Header with PJSIP_HEADER and set caller
presentation correctly.

But with outbound calls I am facing a HUGE problem.

I have set trust_id_outbound=yes. So I am expecting Asterisk to
correctly set the From: header to CallerID(number) and if
CallerID(num-pres) ist set to prohib, to add a Privacy: ID header.

This is not happening. From: is set to anonymous with missing Privacy:
header with the result, that the IC partner on the other side is
blocking this call.

Any idea how I could deal with this? Why is trust_id_outbound=yes not
behaving as expected?

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

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