[asterisk-users] Own MOH incorrectly kicking in instead of the MOH of the callee

Michael Maier m1278468 at mailbox.org
Fri Nov 1 05:18:34 CDT 2019

Hello all!

I'm reproducibly getting my *own MOH* if I should get the MOH of the Callee instead. I can see this with asterisk 13 and 16 (and probably before, too). The reason of the
wrong MOH is an in dialog reInvite received from trunk, which sends a SDP containing


After this reInvite, I can hear own MOH instead of the MOH of the Caller. The situation is cleared by another reInvite received from the trunk containing


Is this expected behavior? I don't think it should act like this.

BTW: I'm additionally using FreePBX. Maybe it's a problem of FreePBX?


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