[asterisk-users] Get variable "ANSWEREDTIME" using ARI

Jöran Vinzens vinzens at sipgate.de
Fri May 3 02:05:07 CDT 2019

Hi all,

i am using ARI in order to control my calls and i try to use the
answeredtime generated by Asterisk.

I had two different ways to get to these variable:

1. add ANSWEREDTIME to the channelsvars in ari.conf.
 - unsuccessful since the variable is empty all the time. I hoped the
StasisEnd contains the correct value.
2. query the variable using REST.
 - unsuccessful as well. After the Call is hung Up Stasis looses the
context of the call and i get back an 404. While the call is running i get
204 but since the call is still running this makes no sense.

Has anybody an idea how to get this variable using REST API?

any hint or solution would be very much appreciated!


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