[asterisk-users] Does anyone know if there is a problem with the Chrome browser and asterisk cmp2k video

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Wed Mar 13 10:14:17 CDT 2019

Using asterisk 16.1.1.

I'm setting up a test using the cmp2k (Cyber Mega Phone 2K Ultimate Dynamic Edition).

I have noticed Chrome 72 had some issues with video streams.  I just upgraded to Chrome 73 and see they still have some issues.  If I have 2 calls in a confbridge with video set to none.  I then set the video source to a Chrome browser and the Remote Video shown to both calls from Firefox and Chrome do not update.  However, if I set the video source to the Firefox browser, my Remote Video is accurate in both Firefox and Chrome.
I confirmed that asterisk is indicating the video source changed by looking at the AMI BridgeVideoSourceUpdate event.

When I use the Firefox (65.0.2) browser I can set either call to be the video source and the Remote Video updates accordingly.

Is this caused by Chrome's video sent to asterisk being some format which asterisk can't use in the confbridge?  The endpoints for both Firefox and Chrome calls are set to
disallow = all
allow = opus,ulaw,vp9,vp8,h264

Both calls use the same bridge and user settings.

type = bridge
language = en
internal_sample_rate = 0
mixing_interval = 20
record_file_append = no
max_members = 10
video_mode = none

type = user
admin = no
marked = no
startmuted = no
music_on_hold_when_empty = no
quiet = yes
wait_marked = no
end_marked = no
dsp_drop_silence = yes
dsp_silence_threshold = 2500
dsp_talking_threshold = 160
denoise = no
jitterbuffer = yes
talk_detection_events = yes
dtmf_passthrough = no
announce_user_count = no
announce_join_leave = no
announce_user_count_all = no
announce_only_user = no
send_events = no
echo_events = no
announce_join_leave_review = no

Have a great day!

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