[asterisk-users] Asterisk users survey

Stefan Viljoen viljoens at verishare.co.za
Tue Mar 12 01:02:09 CDT 2019

Hi Joshua

Does the survey imply that there are big changes coming for Asterisk?

E. g. features or facilities will be dropped / deprecated from the open source version in  new releases, big changes to existing facilities / protocols, what is supported officialy by Digium for the official version, and what not, etc.

Given that you are now owned by Sangoma & all and there are different people in control now than before.

Can you confirm / deny?


> We are in the same situation as Jean Denis, running 1.4 to 16 version as 
> integrator/service provider/user/...
> Difficult to replay the survey for each scenarios ;)

The most active deployment, or a few deployments, is fine.

Joshua C. Colp
Digium - A Sangoma Company | Senior Software Developer

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