[asterisk-users] AMI mulitple calls quickly

Jerry Geis jerry.geis at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 19:19:37 CDT 2019

Lets say I have to make 40 phone calls quickly.

If I use the AMI interface to originate a call, close the connection, open
another connection etc...
This works. but is slow...

If I open the AMI interface and originate a call - DONT close the interface
, get the response, originate another call, some of the calls are missed.
even though I get OK response.
(All calls are Async mode).

If I open the AMI interface and orignate a call - DONT close the interface
but sleep 1 second (again slow). this seems to work.

Question is - how do I open the AMI, send the originate command, get the
valid response and send the next originate command and have it actually do
it.  How is that done ?

I am using asterisk 13.25.0,

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