[asterisk-users] Second Asterisk server SIP JOIN a call to conduct a post-call survey

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And, how would [S] know that [H] has disconnected?  (Is there an Asterisk
event that indicates one party has disconnected from a multi-party call)


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Subject: [asterisk-users] Second Asterisk server SIP JOIN a call to conduct
a post-call survey


I am designing a solution for a hotel booking call center with the following
(mandatory) design:  After the call from the customer with the booking agent
is complete (and the Hotel PBX disconnects from the call), a second PBX
takes over to conduct a survey of how the call went.  Both PBX's are
Asterisk based.  


So customer phone [C] connects to hotel PBX [H].  Once [H] disconnects, the
survey PBX [S] grabs the call and conducts the survey.  [H] must completely
disconnect from the call before [S] can start the survey.  [H] cannot
transfer/forward the call to [S].  


At a high level the solution seems to be:  On [C] connection to [H], [H]
sends call information to [S].  [S] issues a SIP JOIN to [C] and joins the
call.  [S] somehow detects that [H] has disconnected and then begins the


Would the above work conceptually?  If so, how do I tell Asterisk [S] to
contact [C] and join the call already in progress?  (I can get call info
from [H] to [S]).



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