[asterisk-users] Spectrum SIP trunks

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Fri Jun 28 07:42:52 CDT 2019

We've recently replaced an old Meridian phone system (Analog) with Asterisk and signed up for Spectrum SIP trunks.

The service gets installed on July 8th and I was hoping somebody that may have already gone through the process could give me some hints.  I've only ever dealt with PRIs or IAX2 trunks when it came to Asterisk and this will be my first SIP trunk.

They installed the Adtran fibre box yesterday.  (We are in Michigan)

Has anybody already setup a Spectrum SIP trunk?  If so, could you provide me some input?

Google provided the suggested setup:

;host=IP Address of Adtran

All comments or suggestions are welcome,



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