[asterisk-users] HANGUPCAUSE() not working in PJSIP for failed calls

Kingsley Tart - Barritel kingsley.tart at barritel.com
Fri Jun 7 11:09:49 CDT 2019


This is using Asterisk certified/13.21-cert2, FWIW.

I have a hangup handler on an outgoing SIP channel that grabs the SIP status
like this:

    NoOp(keys=${HANGUPCAUSE_KEYS()} sipmsg=${HANGUPCAUSE(${CHANNEL},tech)})

This works fine if the call connects to the other end but the caller for
example hangs up while it's still ringing:

    NoOp("PJSIP/custom-000000ab", "keys=PJSIP/custom-000000ab sipmsg=SIP 180 Ringing") in new stack

It also works fine if the call was answered:

    NoOp("PJSIP/custom-000000ad", "keys=PJSIP/custom-000000ad,PJSIP/squiresvi-000000ac sipmsg=SIP 200 OK") in new stack

But if the remote end returns an error status (eg 404) then I get nothing:

    func_hangupcause.c:140 hangupcause_read: Unable to find information for channel PJSIP/custom-000000af
    -- Executing [sipdirect2 at hangup_handlers_egress:6] NoOp("PJSIP/custom-000000af", "keys= sipmsg=") in new stack

Any idea whether this is possible? It works fine in our old Asterisk 11
systems, but on Asterisk 13 with PJSIP I'm getting nowhere with it.


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