[asterisk-users] BLF NOTIFY Subscription-State: terminated; reason=timeout

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Mon Jul 8 08:56:55 CDT 2019


I notice that BLF-buttons on my IP-phone are greyed out and again active 
after some time. This goes on and on...

When looking at Asterisk CLI I see in the SIP NOTIFY :

Subscription-State: terminated;reason=timeout

The BLF-buttons turn on again after a new SIP SUBSCRIBE from my 
IP-phone. This SUBSCRIBE happens every 120 seconds.

They fade out after about 85 seconds. Then after 35 seconds they come 
back up.

In sip.conf I have the following settings :

But that does not seem to change much. Except for SIP REGISTER's : they 
now happen every 50 seconds (yes, 50) in stead of every 120 seconds.

Can anyone help me to find the right timer to tune so I can have stable 
BLF buttons ?

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