[asterisk-users] [Asterisk-video] asterisk playing video call to a local display

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Wed Jan 30 02:03:25 CST 2019

Le 30/01/2019 à 05:17, Jose Tavares a écrit :
> Hi guys ..
> I have some experience with asterisk and sip since I have been using it 
> for over 10 years.
> But in the last years I have been just maintaining the installations we 
> have without updating myself on the new features of it.
> Now I have a requirement that is dialing to a h323 endpoint that answers 
> with video and I need to display it in a local display.
> I have already tried Ekiga (unstable, difficult to automate since it is 
> a graphical app) and linphone that does not support h323. I also found 
> simpleopal that I don't know if it can handle that.
> My idea is to convert this to a Docker Container later and to run it in 
> a Raspberry Pi. I have already been playing with Raspberry Pi and 
> containers for some other purposes with good results..
> So, I would like to know if asterisk offers a way to automatically 
> listen to a system event, dial to a h323 endpoint that will answer with 
> video and if it has drivers to display locally the video or to pipe to a 
> omxplayer, for example.

chan_ooh323 does not do the job ?


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