[asterisk-users] Enhanced Messaging and softphones

Joshua C. Colp jcolp at digium.com
Fri Jan 18 10:28:47 CST 2019


> You mean with a softphone you can't select a single (or several) video 
> among those available, can you ?
> Even with DTMF sequence and some features.conf magic, a user cannot ask 
> to receive a specific video stream ?
> (forgive me if my question seems naive or irrelevant but I didn't dare 
> to try or install anything yet)

This is not currently supported in any video mode in ConfBridge.

> >  From a messaging perspective it has to support the JSON payload that 
> Asterisk is using in ConfBridge. This conveys additional information 
> that a straight up chat message wouldn't.
> Do you mean Asterisk receives and send SIP messages with embeded JSON 
> Payload ?
> Is there a specific name for such behaviour (something that could help 
> to check if a SIP library or client supports this) ?

There's not really a name or anything, except for our content type that we came up with. It's not defined as a standard or an RFC. Within ConfBridge the messages are exchanged using JSON between Asterisk and client.

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