[asterisk-users] How to build and use your custom asterisk .deb package ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 08:56:36 CST 2019


There is question that bounces in my mind for quite a long time.
Today, I dare to ask it here:
how do you package and use your custom asterisk .deb package ?

The background is:

- I'm now a long time Debian user and I learned to appreciate Debian's deb
package benefits specially when dealing with complex softwares such as

- On another hand, new Asterisk versions are regularly published. Looking
at Debian's asterisk source packages, beside patching Asterisk source code,
it seems possible to build a new Asterisk 13.X+1 package copying 13.X

- If possible (ie not too hard), I would be happy to build and maintain an
Asterisk 16.X binary package for Buster (amd targets).

So my questions are:

1. Would you evaluate porting Debian's patches from one Asterisk version to
the next one (Asterisk 16.4 to 16.5, for example), to be a complex or time
consuming task ?

2. What is the simplest and safest way to deal with the existence of both
custom and original packages ?
Using deb packages terminology, would you simply create a mycustom-asterisk
package which both conflicts and provides asterisk, if that is possible ?
Alternatively, is apt-pinning recommended ?

3. Can I realistically hope, that I won't have to change Asterisk 16
dependencies during Asterisk evolution, at least for Asterisk core features
or I shall prepare to also upgrade some libraries ?

4. Suggestions ? Pointers ?

Best regards
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