[asterisk-users] MWI Delayed on Polycom VVX phones

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Tue Jan 15 08:23:11 CST 2019

Hi all,

When moving from a self compiled Asterisk 13.23.1 to Asterisk 13.24.0, has resulted in a MWI clearing delay of around 5 minutes.

After listening to a voicemail and deleting it, the Polycom VVX 601's MWI light is left on for around five minutes, before clearing.

Installing Asterisk 13.24.1 did not fix this.

Moving back to 13.23.1 allows the MWI to clear immediately.  I see a note in the change logs for 13.24.0

[ASTERISK-28151] - app_voicemail: MWI fails with mailboxes=##@device instead of mailboxes=##@default

Any suggestions on what to look at to diagnose?


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