[asterisk-users] Overhead pager announcement in "background" channel

Mitch Claborn mitch_ml at claborn.net
Mon Jan 14 20:39:34 CST 2019

Here's how I solved this: I use the System() dialplan application to 
call out to a bash script, which creates asterisk call files and moves 
them to the proper directory. I opted to send notification to a select 
group of staff members rather than using the overhead pager, but the 
same technique would work for the pager.

The script is very fast and does not interrupt the flow of the actual call.


On 1/12/19 8:57 PM, Mitch Claborn wrote:
> We have an overhead paging system that is working fine with our asterisk 
> 16.1 server. I'd like to be able to push an announcement to the paging 
> extension (PJSIP) without disrupting the current channel. Can this be 
> done? I want to use it in the dial plan when a 911/emergency call is 
> placed, so it is imperative that the calling channel not be disrupted.
> The following works, but it disrupts the calling channel:
> Dial(${PAGER},20,A(filename)L(3000))

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