[asterisk-users] Various extensions ring once and go to voicemail

Carlos Chavez cursor at telecomab.mx
Mon Jan 14 16:08:14 CST 2019

On 1/14/19 4:02 PM, Duncan Turnbull wrote:

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> On 15/01/2019, at 10:34 AM, Thomas Peters <TPeters at mcts.org 
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>> Duncan:
>> You may have it right—I took one phone and set the ring time to 60 
>> seconds. I now get about 4 rings on that one.
>> I wonder how I can change the timing source.
> In one version (and I can’t recall which) asterisk moved to an 
> internal timing system, to avoid the hardware need.
> There should be quite a lot of discussion of it in the archives or 
> perhaps voipinfo
> I don’t know if you can slow the VM processor speed? I am guessing it 
> is counting something much faster than it used to
> Cheers Duncan
*CLI> module show like timing
Module Description                              Use Count  Status 
Support Level
res_timing_dahdi.so            DAHDI Timing Interface                   
0          Running              core
res_timing_pthread.so          pthread Timing Interface                 
0          Running          extended
res_timing_timerfd.so          Timerfd Timing Interface                 
1          Running              core
3 modules loaded

     This will show you what module Asterisk is using for timing. You 
can try doing a noload on the two you do not need.

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