[asterisk-users] Can SIP domain help to set multiple SIP trunks between two boxes ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 02:59:55 CST 2019


I've been asked if it is possible or not to set several (10 or so) SIP
trunks between two boxes, one beeing an Avaya IPBX, the other being an
Asterisk 13 or 16 box (with either chan_sip or pjsip).

The reason behind this question come from billing requirements.
I'm not convinced yet setting several trunks is the proper answer to
specific billing requirements but my above question remains.

Before officially answering the root question, I'm planning to set a
demonstration between two Asterisk boxes, leaving trials with an Avaya IPBX
for a later step.

>From previous trials with chan_sip years ago, the main issues was matching
incoming calls to appropriate trunk as calls may come from the same IP/port

Now, I read very few lines about SIP domains and wondered if this could be
a mean to set several trunks without touching IP/port settings.

What do you think of this ?
Is it possible for Asterisk to send outbound and receive inbound using SIP
domain syntax in SIP messages instead of IP values ?

Best regards
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