[asterisk-users] Timeout for AGI/HAGI connections

Mitch Claborn mitch_ml at claborn.net
Mon Jan 7 12:42:25 CST 2019

Asterisk 16.1.0

I'm using hagi and SRV records for a "high availability" configuration 
of AGI servers.  When the first AGI server in the list is completely 
down, asterisk quickly moves on to the next one. That is all good.

My concern is what will happen if asterisk can actually connect to the 
first AGI server and initiate the script, but something is internally 
wrong with the server and it takes a long time to respond.

Is there some way to set a timeout value, so that if the AGI 
server/script does not respond in (some amount of time) that asterisk 
will time out and treat it as a failure?

Even better would be if that timeout would trigger a retry on the next 
server in the SRV record list.



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