[asterisk-users] Can't find uuid!

Ira ira at extrasensory.com
Thu Feb 28 16:10:50 CST 2019

Hello Asterisk,

New install.

Current  Fedora server.
Current Asterisk V16

Installed everything necessary to run configure including uuid and uuid-devel.

I know everything but uuid works as I commented out the uuid test and configure finished. 

Make fails with uuid/uuid.h not found.

uuid/uuid.h is not there, but uuid.h is there.

Tried changing <uuid/uuid,h> to <uuid.h> in uuid.c but Asterisk will not compile.

./configure fails with something about unable to find uuid_generate_random.

Any suggestions?  Seems like maybe it looking for an old version of uuid.

Thanks, Ira 

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