[asterisk-users] res_calendar & LetsEncrypt

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Tue Dec 24 08:02:19 CST 2019


For a while now, I've had a small home Asterisk setup to connect to my 
Zimbra mail server's calendar.  Making an entry on the calendar would 
cause Asterisk to schedule a wakeup call at the time of the calendar entry.

The Zimbra mail server uses LetsEncrypt for the SSL Certs and renews 
every 60 days.  On the Asterisk side of things, if I do not restart the 
Asterisk process, the logs get spammed with the below and the wakeup 
call never occurs:

[Dec 24 07:48:46] WARNING[10679] res_calendar_caldav.c: Unknown response 
to CalDAV calendar calendar.name.here, request REPORT to 
/dav/username/Calendar: Server certificate changed: connection intercepted?

Would this be considered a bug, or do I have something setup incorrectly?

Asterisk version: 13.29.2
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 7.11 (wheezy)
Zimbra OSE 8.8.11 P4



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