[asterisk-users] res_rtp_asterisk.so problem with minimal (ish) chan-sip based Asterisk

Andreas Sikkema h323 at ramdyne.nl
Sun Dec 22 15:14:50 CST 2019


For years I've been running a minimal (ish) SIP based Asterisk with
the modules based on chan-sip. For various reasons unrelated to
Asterisk the machine the latest incarnation of this configuration has
been updated to Debian Buster and thus to Asterisk 16. Since this
upgrade I have a dependency problem related to res_rtp_asterisk.so.

So the old config was:

load => res_rtp_asterisk.so
load => res_http_websocket.so
load => chan_local.so
load => codec_ulaw.so
load => codec_alaw.so
load => pbx_config.so
load => chan_sip.so
load => app_dial.so
load => func_callerid.so
load => func_cut.so
load => func_logic.so


Since Asterisk 16 (Debian Buster version) I have a dependency problem,
where res_rtp_asterisk.so is dependent on res_pjproject.so:

When I try to make a call:
[Dec 22 22:00:55] ERROR[6093][C-00000001]: rtp_engine.c:474
ast_rtp_instance_new: No RTP engine was found. Do you have one loaded?
mng*CLI> module load res_rtp_asterisk
Unable to load module res_rtp_asterisk
Command 'module load res_rtp_asterisk' failed.
[Dec 22 22:03:39] ERROR[28261]: loader.c:170 module_load_error:
res_rtp_asterisk loaded before dependency res_pjproject!
mng*CLI> module load res_pjproject
Unable to load module res_pjproject
Command 'module load res_pjproject' failed.
[Dec 22 22:04:04] ERROR[28261]: sorcery.c:840
__ast_sorcery_insert_wizard_mapping: Wizard 'config' could not be
applied to object type 'log_mappings' as it was not found
[Dec 22 22:04:04] WARNING[28261]: res_pjproject.c:665 load_module:
Failed to register pjproject log_mappings object with sorcery

I haven't been able to find what I need to do to get "Wizard 'config'"
to be applied or why I need it. Googling for this phrase suggested I
created an empty config file for pjproject but this also didn't
resolve this problem.

I am sure I must have missed something, can someone point me in the
correct direction?


Andreas Sikkema

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