[asterisk-users] Site to site VPN problems

John Runyon john at simplynuc.com
Thu Dec 12 13:35:59 CST 2019

You only need to add the Signaling IPs as peers. The Media IPs only need to
be whitelisted in your firewall.

Furthermore, you can actually trim the list down to only one region by
following their instructions here

On Thu, 12 Dec 2019 at 13:26, Ira <ira at extrasensory.com> wrote:

> Hello Jan,
> Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 8:49:28 PM, you wrote:
> Jan> The next thing to look at is firewall rules.
> So it wasn't the firewall. I eventually fixed it by creating 512 entries
> for Twilio so no matter what IP they sent it from it had a peer to match.
> They seem to randomly use one of their range of IPs when sending me calls.
> I had allowed calls from the suggested.
> MyDomain.pstn.twilio.com
> Which worked for about 1 out of 10 or 20 calls, as soon as I added all 512
> possible Twilio IPs it all started working fine. Before this I had only 10
> Peers and now I have 520 which is really annoying as now the sip show inuse
> and sip show peers commands are essentially useless because there is to
> much data.
> Anyway, thanks so much for trying to help. I found a hint somewhere on the
> web and then learned how to do templates which at least makes sip.conf
> reasonable with all those entries.
> And if you know of a way to make one peer accept a range of IPs, Id love
> to know that.
> -- Ira
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