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Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Wed Aug 21 12:15:39 CDT 2019

Thanks Doug.

We are running Asterisk 16.3.0 so I think we're on a pretty good version for the timing.

We have Asterisk running on ESXi here and it's running at several customer sites in various VM environments.
Ironically, none of them have the latency sensitivity set to high.  This is something I didn't realize may be needed until encountering the issue during load testing this week.
I would guess our largest at present has around 100 simultaneous calls and we haven't run into problems.

At 200 calls, the Amazon AWS VM has 0 issues with audio.
I believe it even was good at 250.
It was when the tester went to 300 calls that I am told audio is often choppy.

I tried performing the noload on res_timing_timerfd.so and the person testing indicated it did not help.

I forgot to mention, this is on an Ubuntu 16 OS with the latest packages.

Our second Asterisk box receives the call and bridges them with another endpoint (allowing us to hear it on various phones)
The debugging on this box isn't indicating any issues (at least from what I can tell).
Obviously a lot is going on (basically 600 calls).

Neither box is indicating jitter issues.  


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I don't run Asterisk on AWS, but I do on ESXi.  Are you running a version of Asterisk before 13?  Newer versions Asterisk handle timing better that don't require a hardware timing source.

I'm running Asterisk 13 on a small 60 phone system without issues under ESXi 6.0


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