[asterisk-users] PJSIP reInvite

Jöran Vinzens vinzens at sipgate.de
Thu Aug 15 06:22:15 CDT 2019

Hi All,

We are using asterisk 16.5 and having an issue with the first re-invite
after the call has been established.
We can see the call gets up and you see in the logs the bridge type has
changed and after that a re-invite is triggered.

Is there any possibility to deactivate this kind of reInvite? We have some
race conditions while have multiple asterisk in the call flow and the
different asterisk systems are sending this reInvites out parallel. While
an invite is pending on a system it is not accepting another incoming
reInvite from peer.

With chan_SIP canreinvite=no solved the issue. But it seems there is
nothing similar in PJSIP.

any help would be much appreciated!

Jöran Vinzens - vinzens at sipgate.de

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