[asterisk-users] Fw: where to set fax header field ( unknown field) in app_fax

Min Wang minge_wang at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 2 17:22:24 CDT 2019


I used asterisk 13's  app_fax to send and recv fax.
On the received fax/pdf,  I got a fax with header like this:
26-Ju-2019 | 06:03|  my-test | unknown | p.1

The my-test is  set by LOCALHEADERINFO before I call send_fax.
What I am not clear is where does **unknown** come from?
The doc at:Asterisk 13 Application_SendFAX_app_fax - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki
This application sets the following channel variables:
   - LOCALSTATIONID - To identify itself to the remote end
   - LOCALHEADERINFO - To generate a header line on each page
   - FAXSTATUS      
      - SUCCESS
      - FAILED

   - FAXERROR - Cause of failure
   - REMOTESTATIONID - The CSID of the remote side
   - FAXPAGES - Number of pages sent
   - FAXBITRATE - Transmission rate
   - FAXRESOLUTION - Resolution of sent fax

I tried set LOCALSTATIONID, REMOTESTATIONID on before send_fax , but I still got unknown in the header.

So my question is where/how to replace the "unknown"?


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