[asterisk-users] Sending SMS and SIM card

bilal ghayyad bilmar_gh at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 25 06:56:19 CDT 2019

 Thank you Steve.Regarding to Goip32 that you used it before: how you were handling the received messages?In other words: if you sent a message for someone and he replied for you, how you were able to see the reply? And was it possible to have any action based on his reply (for example, forward the message to email)?
Also regarding to the Goip32: how you were sending the SMS messages? From CRM connected to it or it was having a web interface for sending the SMS messages?
Was you able to use Goip32 for GSM voice calls (sending and receiving)?
> Is it possible to send SMS from asterisk? Using DAHDI or using what isĀ 
> possible?

You can use an SMS provider like Twillio.

> And, is there a card that can be fixed in the machine and insert the SIM 
> card in this card to be used for GSM calls and sending SMS through 
> asterisk? Through which channel? Is it DAHDI or something else?

I've never used an internal card, but what you're looking for is a GSM 

I used a Goip32 (32 SIMs, 32 channels) a couple of years ago. It is an 
external box you hang on your network via Ethernet.

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