[asterisk-users] How to force Asterisk to reply with floating IP with chan_sip ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 08:21:05 CDT 2018


I'm setting up a new cluster that must replace several old Asterisk
For various reasons, this new cluster must use chan_sip (migration to PJSIP
is planned in a later phase).

This new cluster uses VRRP in active/passive mode:
- at any time, only one cluster member is active,
- when a member becomes active, it inherits several floating IP addresses,
it changes its IP configuration (with ip rule or ip route statements) and
it starts Asterisk.

Beside tweaking Linux IP configuration, is there a way to teach Asterisk's
chan_sip "to always reply using as IP source, the destination IP it got the
SIP request from" ?

For instance, if Asterisk's chan_sip listen on IPs IP A, Ip B and IP C, all
belonging to the same network, then I want Asterisk to reply with IP A for
any request it received through IP A.

Looking at ASTDB SIP/Registry instances, Asterisk does not save the IP
address it heard an incoming REGISTER with.

Did I miss something ?
Suggestions ?

Best regards
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